Hello World

Something that I’ve drawn great inspiration from has been to read about the journey of others going down the route of creating digital products. Basically, this blog will serve as a tool for;

  • Accountability. By being public about my process, I’ll have more pressure to produce.
  • Audience. Part of the purpose is to build an audience so that whenever I launch a new product, I can get traction immediately.
  • Dialoge / Community. I’m hoping to use the blog as a medium to connect with other people on similar paths.
  • Log. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been keeping a journal. It’s quite fun to re-read old entries to see how far you’ve come. Also, some insights are worth retrieving, brushing of and reimplementing in your daily life.

The plan is to write about product development, digital nomadism, software development, tech, design and other related topics.

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