Squeeze the life out of your work

I just finished up the first version of the chrome extension I’ve been working on. Basically, I wrapped up the death clock that I had been working on for the last few weeks (yikes, been that long already?) into a Chrome extension together with some tweaks and minor features to make it more usable

Marketing photo I created for the Death Calendar Chrome Extension

This whole thing is based on an idea I’ve thought about regarding product development which is:

Squeeze the life out of your work

Basically, each new project will cost you quite a bit, both in terms of actual operative work (coding, marketing etc) but also in terms of learning about the domain and old school mental juice.

That’s why I think it’s pretty nifty to launch several “products” or ideas that all relate to the same core concept like I’ve done with the death clock website and the death clock chrome extension.

In this case, I could reuse the majority of the work I had already put in and revamp that into something similar but different, in this case a Chrome Extension.

You might think this is stupid, since I’m pouring more resources into an idea or a space that essentially remains unvalidated, and maybe that is true. On another hand, I never expected it to be successful right on launch, but I’m taking a more long term approach.

The thought is that by creating a number of products and services around a central theme, I’m basically doing the product-version of content-marketing. All roads lead to Rome.

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